Day trip bathing travel journals to hot springs where we visited by train and bus

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen

391, Kamijonakawari, Asahi-machi, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Pref.

Plenty of hot water flowing from the source, which is "Earth Blessings" has fine bubbles of natural carbonic acid cling to the skin

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen bathtub
Nirasaki Asahi-onsen exterior Nirasaki Asahi-onsen hot water spout Nirasaki Asahi-onsen wood deck

One of the best hot spring with natural fine bubbles in Japan. The onsen water is called "Hot Water of The Beauty", which has pleasant bubbles that clings to the skin one after another, has the effect of softening the skin.

Emerald green hot water, which gushing out of the quartz diorite bedrock, is generously flowing from the source. Drinking it is also OK.

From the spacious wood deck where you can take a break, you can see not only Mt. Fuji but also the mountains surrounding Kofu Basin.


Rating of access

1.5 pt(from Shinjuku)

→ How to rate access train

Area / Railway

Koshinetsu Region
Yamanashi Pref.

JR Chuo Line


Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta. Keio: 1 hr Keio Line ¥ 370
  • Takao Sta.JR: 2 hrs Chuo Line ¥ 1,690
  • Nirasaki Sta.Walk: 1 hr 10 min 4.9 km (3 mi) Max difference in elevation: 57 m (187 ft)
  • Nirasaki Asahi-onsen
Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta.JR: 2 hrs 55 min Chuo Line ¥ 2,640
  • Nirasaki Sta.Walk: 2 min
  • Nirasaki Area Infomation Center Bicycle rental: 28 min ¥ 200 or ¥ 600
    4.9 km (3 mi)
  • Nirasaki Asahi-onsen
Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta. JR express: 1 hr 40 min Azusa etc. Reserved seat¥ 4,220
  •  (Transfer at Kofu Sta.)JR: 15 min Chuo Line ¥ -
  • Nirasaki Sta. Nirasaki City Bus: 14 min Bound for Shakai Fukushi Mura ¥ 270
  • The middle of Kozone Bus Stop and Kajiya Bus Stop Walk: 8 min0.6 km (0.4 mi)
  • Nirasaki Asahi-onsen
Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta. JR express: 1 hr 50 min Azusa etc. Reserved seat¥ 4,220
  • Nirasaki Sta. Yamanashi Kotsu Bus: 14 min for Kofu Sta. (via Okusa) ¥ 310
  • Nangu Jinja Bus StopWalk: 9 min 0.7 km (0.4 mi)
  • Nirasaki Asahi-onsen
Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta. (New South Gate) Walk: 2 min
  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
    (4th floor) Expressway bus: 2 hrs 10 min Kofu Ryuo Line ¥ 2,200
  • Kofu Sta. (South exit) Yamanashi Kotsu Bus: 38 min for Nirasaki Sta. (via Okusa) ¥ 760
  • Nangu Jinja Bus StopWalk: 9 min 0.7 km (0.4 mi)
  • Nirasaki Asahi-onsen
Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta. (New South Gate) Walk: 2 min
  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
    (4th floor) Expressway bus: 2 hrs 07 min Suwa Okaya Line ¥ 2,400
  • Chuodo Nirasaki Bus StopWalk: 5 min 0.4 km (0.2 mi)
  • Nirasaki Interchange Iriguchi Bus StopNirasaki City Bus: 7 min Hosaka Line ¥ 170
  • Nirasaki Sta.Taxi: 10 min about ¥ 1,900
    4.9 km (3 mi)
  • Nirasaki Asahi-onsen
Routes from Tokyo
  • Shinjuku
  • Keio
  • Takao
  • JR
  • Nirasaki
  • Walk
  • hot spring
  • 4 hrs 10 min ¥ 2,060

  • Shinjuku
  • JR
  • Nirasaki
  • Bicycle rental
  • hot spring
  • 3 hrs 25 min ¥ 2,840 or ¥ 3,240

  • Shinjuku
  • JR express
  • Kofu
  • JR
  • Nirasaki
  • Bus
  • hot spring
  • 2 hrs 17 min ¥ 4,490

  • Shinjuku
  • JR express
  • Nirasaki
  • Bus
  • hot spring
  • 2 hrs 13 min ¥ 4,530

  • Shinjuku
  • Expressway bus
  • Kofu
  • Bus
  • hot spring
  • 2 hrs 59 min ¥ 2,960

  • Shinjuku
  • Expressway bus
  • Chuodo Nirasaki
  • Bus
  • Nirasaki
  • Taxi
  • hot spring
  • 2 hrs 31 min ¥ 4,470

  • The price of JR Express is "Base fare" plus "Express charge". (These are determined according to the distance.) In case of JR Express on Chuo Line, "Express charge" has two types: "Reserved seat" and "Undecided seat". Both have the same charge, which do not change depending on the season. However, the price will vary depending on where you buy. (Internet < Station < Inside the car). If you have an "Undecided seat" ticket, you can sit in any vacant seat, but you have no priority. So, if someone comes who has a "Reserved seat" ticket for the seat you are sitting, you have to give up the seat to him / her.
  • The Area Information Outgoing Center that runs the bicycle rental business is located at the Nirasaki Citizens Exchange Center NICORI, which is on the left when you leave Nirasaki Station. Closed on the third monday (next day if it's public holiday), 9:00-19:00, regular bicycle (¥200) and electric assisted bicycle (¥600), Deposit ¥1,000, Inquiry: 0551-23-6886
  • In the area around Kozone and Kajiya Bus Stop, you can get on and off the bus anywhere. So if you tell the driver where you are going, the driver will probably stop the bus at the best place.
  • The above fares are based on cash. When using an IC card, the fares may differ slightly.
  • The above times and distances are approximate. Does not include transfering or waiting times.

How to get to Nirasaki Asahi-onsen

(from Nirasaki Sta. to Takeda Bridge)
  1. When you leave the station, go to the right and go through the tracks
  2. Enter the path to the right of the shrine gate
  3. Go left on the shopping street
  4. Turn right at T-junction (Honcho intersection)
  5. Turn left at the next traffic light after the "City Hall East" intersection. The big bridge is Takeda Bridge

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(Directions from Takeda Bridge)
  1. Cross Takeda Bridge and go straight up the hill
  2. Turn left at the "Kamiyama" signal intersection. Go straight on the prefectural road (Asahi bypass) for a while
  3. Turn left at the "Kajiya" signal intersection. (There is a blue sign for Nirasaki Asahi-onsen.) Turn right at the next blue sign

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How to get to Nirasaki Asahi-onsen

(Directions from the middle of Kozone Bus Stop and Kajiya Bus Stop)
  • Go down the hill and go straight ahead at the "Kajiya" signal intersection, and turn right at the blue sign
(Directions from Nangu Jinja Bus Stop)
  • Turn right at the T-junction south of the bus stop. Cross the river and go along the road. Turn left at the blue sign

bus stop: bus stop

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Travel journal of day trip bathing to hot spring


He is an orthodox hot springs lover and particular about quality of springs. He loves the hot springs flowing from the source, the hot water with a presence, and the rustic atmosphere.
He doesn't care much about quality of hot springs. He loves the open-air bath, and prefers hot springs that have visible features such as good views.

One day in April, Nishi-san and Kita-san decided to take a day-trip hot spring in Nirasaki. The plan is to walk from Nirasaki Station to the city hall and then visit the hot springs by bicycle rental.

Sakura seen from the Asahi Bypass in Nirasaki, Yamanashi

Sakura (from the Asahi Bypass)

After crossing Kamanashi River, go up the long slope and enter the prefectural road (Asahi bypass), the road becomes gentle. While looking up at the clear blue sky, they ride a bicycle leisurely in the refreshing wind.

Once in a while, it's not bad to go to a hot spring by bicycle.

It depends on the season and weather.

The sakura are blooming and it's best season, you know.

At this time, Nirasaki City Tourist Association in the city hall provided a free bicycle rental service. Currently, Nirasaki City The Area Information Outgoing Center is engaged in a bicycle rental business.

Mt. Fuji from the Asahi Bypass in Nirasaki, Yamanashi

Mt. Fuji (from the Asahi Bypass)

I can see Mt. Fuji clearly. It's a perfect day for cycling!

Ride while looking at Mt. Fuji almost in front, turn at the "Kajiya" intersection, and arrive at Nirasaki Asahi-onsen.

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen exterior


Here we are. It's spacious.

Not a typical building of hot spring. What do you think about this hot spring mark?

But inside, the ceiling is unexpectedly high, it's giving a clean impression.

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen lobby


Boy, the inside isn't as bad as its exterior.

Exactly. It's unpretentious, but it doesn't feel dirty.

There is a break room on the left, but of course they pass it behind and go to the bathing room at once. Nirasaki Asahi-onsen has a simple L-shaped indoor bath.

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen bathtub


It's nice with big windows. The hot water looks emerald green.

I don't think the hot water itself has that much color. It depends on a ray of light.

Anyway, it's pretty beautiful. Oh, you can drink this hot water.

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen is flowing from the source which is not heated and not added water.

The hot water is overflowing from the bathtub. The hot spring must be like this.

Information sign at "Kajiya" signal intersection Information sign to Nirasaki Asahi-onsen

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen hot water spout

Hot water spout

The hot water spout is in the corner of the bathtub. Usually, the area near the spout is occupied by local regular customers, but nobody is in the area today, probably because the time was still too early. Fortunately, Nishi-san and Kita-san have taken the special seat near the spout.

Wow, fine bubbles are amazing!

Even if I flick off the bubbles, they will stick to my body one after another. It's nice!

It's just right near the spout, so bubbles are pretty lot.

The temperature is just right, the feel is good, and this kind of hot water is miraculous.

Oh, don't move the water!


I'm growing bubbles now.

... Growing bubbles?

As I stay still, the bubbles on my body grow little by little.

... Ah, is that so ... I hope they grow fine ...

Nishi-san and Kita-san seemed to have respectively enjoyed the hot water with fine bubbles of Nirasaki Asahi-onsen. They have finished the bath, then come to the break room.

Nirasaki Asahi-onsen wood deck

Wood deck

Oh, there's a wood deck outside. It's quite big.

That's true .... OK, let's eat the Ekiben we bought this morning.

Boy, after soaking in the hot spring, and Ekiben with looking at Mt.Fuji in such a nice weather. It's perfect, you know.

Nishi-san and Kita-san felt that the Ekiben they bought at Kofu Station was so delicious. In the afternoon, they have the plan for heading to Hakusan-onsen, not far from here. (→ Continue to Hakusan-onsen)

(April 2013)

In addition to the wooden deck, there is also a Japanese-style room with a tatami floor, so if you want to lie down, use it.

Impression & rating

Hot water with a lot of fine bubbles like this is rare. Once you enter, it will surely become an unforgettable hot spring.

3.5 pt

Impression & rating

Fine bubbles are very comfortable. It is spacious and has a good view in the wood deck. I want them to make an open-air bath if possible.

2.5 pt

→ How to rate

The Onsen facility

391, Kamijonakawari, Asahi-machi, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Pref.
domestic: 0551-23-6311
international: +81-551-23-6311
Web Site
Yamanashi Tourism Organization _ Nirasaki Asahi-onsen
Bathing hours
10:00 - 20:00
Regular holiday
(If it's a public holiday, closed the next day.)
Adults: ¥ 600 / Elementary school students and under: ¥ 300 / 3 years old and under: Free of charge
Gender-separated indoor bath

The hot spring data
(According to hot spring analysis report etc.)

(Jan. 18, 2008)

Spring quality
Sodium - Chloride / Hydrogen carbonate spring (Hypotonic Weak alkaline Hot spring)
352-4, Kamijonakawari, Asahi-machi, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Pref.
40.0 ℃ (104.0 ℉)
[air temperature: 2.5 ℃ (36.5 ℉)]
266.1 L / min (Pumping)
pH value
Total ingredients
1.244 g / kg
Colorless, clear, slightly goldy

Today's Ekiben

Tori Meshi
The appearance of Tori Meshi The whole of Tori Meshi

Tori Meshi (Chicken bowl)

(Purchased at Kofu Station)

I bought it at Kofu Station, but it is a popular ekiben that is sold not only at Kofu Station but also at various stations in Kanto. (It's a shame that you can't buy Marumasa's ekiben at Kofu Station early in the morning.) Chicken Teriyaki, Tsukune, Chicken Soboro and Egg Soboro Chicken. The scent of the seaweed has a good flavor. There are many other Ekiben featuring chicken, so it might be a good idea to compare them.

« contents »
Tea rice (domestic rice), Chicken teriyaki, Chicken meatballs with lotus root, Chicken soboro, Egg soboro, Fried burdock and carrot, Simmered foods (Deep-fried tofu, Konjac, Carrot), Pickles with red perilla

(¥ 800 at that time) (→ JR East Japan Foods website _ Tori Meshi)

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