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Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu

Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu

7, Aza-Takayu, Machiniwazaka, Fukushima City, Fukushima Pref.

The Celeste Blue water that has "Blue of Sky", is flowing from the source without heating. The nostalgic thatched bath hut "Tamagoyu" is a must-see!

Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu open-air bath
Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu Tamagoyu exterior Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu indoor bath Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu Tamagoyu bathtub

Beautiful sky blue, cloudy hot water, strong acidity and sulfur scent and hot water with excellent presence. Everyone will be fascinated by this hot water.

The thatched hut "Tamagoyu" retains its original appearance at the time of its founding, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of the old-fashioned spa. In addition, you can enjoy various bathtubs.

Takayu Onsen is in a quiet mountain, and known as a medicinal hot spring. They have protected the old tradition of "prohibiting any noise", and the water "Flowing from the Source". In addition, Takayu Onsen takes the first in Japanese hot spring satisfaction ranking of Japanese travel magazine "Jalan".


Rating of access

0.0 pt(from Ueno)

2.5 pt(from Sendai)

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Area / Railway

Tohoku Region
Fukushima Pref.

JR Tohoku Line

Train and bus route map of Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu, Fukushima Prefecture
Train and bus route map of Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu, Fukushima Prefecture
Sendai Station timetable Fukushima Station timetable Koriyama Station timetable Omiya Station timetable Ikebukuro Station timetable Shinjuku Station timetable Ueno Station timetable Tokyo Station timetable Takayu Bus Stop timetable etc. Tamagoyu Bus Stop timetable etc. Kamiubado Bus Stop timetable etc.

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Route from Tokyo (Ueno)
  • Ueno Sta.JR: 5 hrs 15 min Tohoku Line ¥ 4,840
  • Fukushima Sta.Walk: 3 hrs 20 min 15.3 km (9.5 mi) Difference in elevation: 631 m (2070 ft)
  • Ryokan Tamagoyu
Route from Tokyo (Ueno)
  • Ueno Sta. JR Tohoku (or Yamagata) Shinkansen: 1 hr 30 min Yamabiko (or Tsubasa) Non-reserved seat ¥ 8,370
  • Fukushima Sta. (West exit No.1 bus stop) Fukushima Kotsu bus: 35 min For Takayu via Kamiubado ¥ 840
  • Tamagoyu Bus Stop Walk: 1 min
  • Ryokan Tamagoyu
Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta. (New South Gate) Walk: 2 min
  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
    (4th floor) Expressway bus: about 5 - 6 hrs For Fukushima about ¥ 3,000
  • Fukushima Sta. (West exit No.1 bus stop) Fukushima Kotsu bus: 21 min For Kamiubado ¥ 580
  • Kamiubado Bus StopWalk: 1 hr 20 min 6.2 km (3.9 mi) Difference in elevation: 501 m (1644 ft)
  • Ryokan Tamagoyu
Route from Tokyo (Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Sta. (Yaesu South Gate) Walk: 6 min
  • Yaesu Kajibashi Parking Lot (Night bus) Expressway bus: about 6 hrs For Fukushima about ¥ 3,000
  • Fukushima Sta.Taxi: 40 min about ¥ 7,000
  • Ryokan Tamagoyu
Route from Sendai
  • Sendai Sta.JR: 1 hr 25 min Tohoku Line ¥ 1,340
  • Fukushima Sta.(The rest is the same as above)
Route from Sendai
  • Sendai Sta. JR Tohoku Shinkansen: 25 min Yamabiko Non-reserved seat ¥ 3,210
  • Fukushima Sta.(The rest is the same as above)
Routes from Tokyo
  • Ueno
  • JR
  • Fukushima
  • Walk
  • hot spring
  • 8 hrs 35 min ¥ 4,840

  • Ueno
  • JR Shinkansen
  • Fukushima
  • Bus
  • hot spring
  • 2 hrs 06 min ¥ 9,210

  • Shinjuku
  • Expressway bus
  • Fukushima
  • Bus
  • Kamiubado
  • Walk
  • hot spring
  • about 6 hrs 43 min - 7 hrs 43 min about ¥ 3,580

  • Tokyo
  • (Night bus) Expressway bus
  • Fukushima
  • Taxi
  • hot spring
  • about 6 hrs 46 min about ¥ 10,000

Routes from Sendai
  • Sendai
  • JR
  • Fukushima
  • (The rest is the same as above)
  • 1 hr 25 min+ ¥ 1,340+

  • Sendai
  • JR Shinkansen
  • Fukushima
  • (The rest is the same as above)
  • 25 min+ ¥ 3,210+

  • The price of normal Shinkansen is "Basic fare" plus "Super express charge". (These are determined according to the distance.) "Super express charge" has two types: Reserved seat and Non-reserved seat. Reserved seat charge adds ¥930 (during the busiest season), ¥730 (during the busy season), ¥530 (during the normal season) or ¥330 (during the off season) to Non-reserved seat charge. (For details, please refer to JR East_Ticketing and Busiest / Busy / Normal / Off season calendar.)
  • From Fukushima Station for Takayu, Some buses go to Takayu Onsen via Kamiubado Bus Stop, and the others is end at Kamiubado Bus Stop.
  • For information on how to get to Yaesu Kajibashi Parking Lot (Expressway bus stop) from Tokyo Station, see Sakura Expressway Bus website.
  • The above fares are based on cash. When using an IC card, the fares may differ slightly.
  • The above times and distances are approximate. Does not include transfering or waiting times.

How to get to Takayu Onsen Ryokan Tamagoyu

(Directions from Kamiubado Bus Stop)
  • There is a sign for Takayu Onsen near the Kamiubado Bus Stop, so follow the road and go up 6.2 km (3.9 mi).

bus stop: bus stop

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Travel journal of day trip bathing to hot spring


He is an orthodox hot springs lover and particular about quality of springs. He loves the hot springs flowing from the source, the hot water with a presence, and the rustic atmosphere.
He doesn't care much about quality of hot springs. He loves the open-air bath, and prefers hot springs that have visible features such as good views.

For today's Onsen, Nishi-san and Kita-san had decided to visit to Takayu Onsen in Fukushima Prefecture, a little away from Tokyo. (This time, Kita-san made all the travel plans and checked the time of trains and buses.)
That's why in April when cherry blossoms were almost over in Tokyo, Nishi-san and Kita-san had been going north on the JR Tohoku Line toward Fukushima Station. However, as approaching Fukushima Station, the weather seemed to be getting worse ...

Well, it looks like bad ... Oh, it's raining.

It was not a rain mark in the weather news ... Anyway, it will stop soon. And, we'll take a bus from Fukushima station.

Ah, next is a bus, you've researched well. By bus, We'll not have to walk in the rain ... Oh! it's not rain but snow!

It's strange. Weather news didn't say it rain. Well, It'll not be heavy snow.

In spite of the weather forecast, when they arrived at Fukushima Station, the snow was falling heavily.

It's heavy! Snow!

In April, but it's amazing snow! That's Tohoku! But the bus seems to be working fine, there is no problem.

That's true, getting to Takayu Onsen by bus, we'll not walk so much in the snow ...

Around Kamiubado bus stop

Around Kamiubado bus stop

The bus didn't go to Takayu Onsen, but ended at Kamiubado Bus Stop on the way.

Huh?! Stop here?! Doesn't go to Takayu Onsen? This bus!

Not go, so we are walking from here.

Walking!? In this snow!? There is no bus going to Takayu Onsen!?

Next bus is going, but not in time for Tamagoyu. Well, it's only an hour's walk. And, we're lucky to see such a snowy landscape in April, you know. Don't you feel like you've got to Great snow country!?

Are you serious ... In this snow, I have to walk ...

Kita-san was feeling more excited by seeing the snowy landscape, but Nishi-san was feeling a bit down. They had begun to go up the road leading to Takayu Onsen. There was no snow on the asphalt road, but the surrounding scenery was the great snowy landscape.

Road to Takayu Onsen

Road to Takayu Onsen

Oh, it's a black-and-white world. I haven't seen such a snow scene for a long time. It's got to be snowing in winter! Speaking of snow, did snow fall in Tokyo this year?

... I don't know ...

In Tokyo, it doesn't snow so hard ... Oh? Doesn't it smell of sulfur? Isn't Takayu Onsen near?

... If you say that, it smells.

Japanese word "tamago" means "egg".

Arriving at Ryokan Tamagoyu was 1:58 pm and just before the bathing reception ends.

Ryokan Tamagoyu exterior, Takayu Onsen

Ryokan Tamagoyu Exterior

Arrived! In time! It's a snow-view bath today!

... My shoes are soaked and cold ...

Ok, ok, so let's get into the hot spring. Let's go!

Oh! Wait a minute!

At that time, the reception time was until 2:00 pm.

Ryokan Tamagoyu has a large indoor bath on the 4th floor and open-air baths in the garden outside the 1st floor. First, Nishi-san and Kita-san headed to the garden on the first floor. Of course the snow was still falling. Well, when they went out to the garden ...

Ryokan Tamagoyu garden, Takayu Onsen

Ryokan Tamagoyu Garden

Wow! What a great snow scene ...

It's piled up more than expected. Or maybe, it's down too much ...

Just in front of the garden, there are a thatched small hut.

Bath hut Tamagoyu exterior, Takayu Onsen

Bath hut Tamagoyu Exterior

Hmm? What is this hut? Whatever, going to the open-air bath ....

Wait a minute! This is the original Tamagoyu, seems like. First here.

Oh, it's true. It shows Tamagoyu. I see, this is it!

Bath hut Tamagoyu is an old-fashioned spa. That has a structure where the bathing room and the undressing room are not separated.

Bath hut Tamagoyu bathtub, Takayu Onsen

Bath hut Tamagoyu Bathtub

Boy, there is a bathtub directly ... Wow, the water is blue!

That's true. It seems great water. And this sulfur smell is good!

Bath hut Tamagoyu undressing room, Takayu Onsen

Bath hut Tamagoyu undressing room

Immediately to the bathtub.

Oh, onsen is nice after walking in the snow. And this blue water feels special, you know.

That's true. And yunohana are amazing. It's white and cloudy.

Yeah, like this water may be the first time for me.

Taste is ... Yes, sour. I see, in short, it's acidic. It's perfect for treatment.

You can see the Source of Tamagoyu in the garden.

The Source of Tamagoyu, Takayu Onsen

The Source of Tamagoyu

There is Onsen shrine when you climb the footpath between the trees from the garden. Maybe good for a walk. (If it is not snowing.)

Next is an open-air bath. In addition to women-only open-air bath, there are open-air baths called "Tenkeinoyu" and "Tenshonoyu". Today, a men's bath is "Tenshonoyu". From the undressing room to the bathtub, it is only about 5 m (16.4 ft), but snow is piled up there as well.

Open-air bath Tenshonoyu, Ryokan Tamagoyu, Takayu Onsen

Open-air bath "Tenshonoyu"

Mmm, do I have to walk here barefoot ...

That's right! Going slowly, you'll get frostbite! ... Oh! I slipped!

In a hurry, the two jumped into the bathtub.

Wow, I was saved! My feet were cold!

Well, when the outside is cold, I'm especially grateful for the hot spring ...

Open-air bath Tenshonoyu, Ryokan Tamagoyu, Takayu Onsen

Open-air bath "Tenshonoyu"

It's really interesting a hot spring in the snow, isn't it? In such a white landscape, this blue water is even better.

... I guess it would look better if the sky was sunny ... First of all,the snow is going down too much. I can't tell if it's steam or snow.

But I never thought I could take a snow-view bath today. Been here today is so right!

Eh? Ah, well, it could be right. Snow-view bath was certainly unexpected.

Next, they moved to a large indoor bath, "Takinoyu".

Indoor bath Takinoyu, Ryokan Tamagoyu, Takayu Onsen

Indoor bath "Takinoyu"

As I thought, the indoor bath calm down more. The snow landscape seen through the window glass! I feel a sense of security and can relax.

There is security, but it's little interesting. How should I say ... no sense of realism or ...

No, if you wanna enjoy the hot water itself, the indoor bath is better.

Nishi-san and Kita-san who enjoyed each bath of Tamagoyu. After the hot spring, they saw the exhibition section of Tamagoyu history.

exhibition section of Tamagoyu history, Takayu Onsen

Exhibition section of Tamagoyu history

Then, they has been taking a break for a while in the lobby to supply water. Outside the lobby window, the snow seems to have fallen a little. (→ Continue to Takayu Onsen Attakayu)

(April 2019)

The open-air baths "Tenkeinoyu" and "Tenshonoyu" change daily for men and women.

Impression & rating

Hot water with excellent presence are 100% flowing from the source, and bath hut Tamagoyu is a nostalgic atmosphere. It can be said that it is almost an ideal hot spring.

4.5 pt

Impression & rating

The clean sky-blue hot water alone will stir up interest. Although the open-air bath is not so large, it is still a very satisfying hot spring.

4.0 pt

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The Onsen facility

7, Aza-Takayu, Machiniwazaka, Fukushima City, Fukushima pref.
domestic: 024-591-1171
international: +81-24-591-1171
Ryokan Tamagoyu
Day trip bathing hours
11:00 - 14:00(Last entry at 13:00)
Regular holiday
April to November: Wednesdays
December to March: Mondays and Fridays
Adult: ¥ 800 / Child (3 years old and over): ¥ 500 / Under 3 years old: Free of charge
Gender-separated indoor bath, Gender-separated open-air bath, Female-only open-air bath, Footbath
No shower, soap, shampoo etc. in the baths in the garden on the first floor
No lockers in undressing room (Leave your valuables at the reception desk)

The hot spring data
(According to hot spring analysis report etc.)

(Survey date: Dec. 13, 2010)

Spring quality
Acidic - Calcium / Sodium - Sulfate hot spring (Hypotonic Acid High temperature spring)
Source name
Senkinoyu, Takinoyu (collected from the mixing tank at Takayu 7)
Senkinoyu: 16-1, Aza-Takayu, Machiniwazaka, Fukushima City, Fukushima pref.
Takinoyu: 26, Aza-Takayu, Machiniwazaka, Fukushima City, Fukushima pref.
46.5 ℃ (115.7 ℉)
[air temperature 2 ℃ (35.6 ℉)]
? L / min (Natural spring)
pH value
Total ingredients
1.421 g / kg
Colorless, clear, slightly hydrogen sulfide smell, strong acidity, white sediment, flammable gas concentration confirmed

(from the booklet "Takayu Onsen Record")

There are nine hot spring sources in the whole of Takayu Onsen, and Tamagoyu draws hot water from four of them. The data of the four sources are as follows.

Takayu No.5 Tamagoyu outdoor
44.0 ℃ (111.2 ℉)
[air temperature 23 ℃ (73.4 ℉)]
194 L / min (natural spring)
pH value
Facility using this source
Takayu No.10 Tamagoyu indoor
44.0 ℃ (111.2 ℉)
[air temperature 23 ℃ (73.4 ℉)]
108 L / min (natural spring)
pH value
Facility using this source
Takayu No.16 Senkinoyu
46.9 ℃ (116.4 ℉)
[air temperature 19 ℃ (66.2 ℉)]
170 L / min (natural spring)
pH value
Facility using this source
Tamagoyu, Higenoie
Takayu No.26 Takinoyu
50.5 ℃ (122.9 ℉)
[air temperature 19 ℃ (66.2 ℉)]
738 L / min (natural spring)
pH value
Facility using this source
Attakayu, Adachiya, Tamagoyu, Higenoie, Nonbirikan

Today's Ekiben

The third generation Ohara Shosuke Bento
The appearance of the third generation Ohara Shosuke Bento The whole of the third generation Ohara Shosuke Bento

The third generation Ohara Shosuke Bento

It is a very luxurious Bento that has double stacked boxes. The contents are filled with country-style side dishes in a good sense. It may not be the taste of younger people, but moderate and quite tasty.

« menu »
1st box: Grilled salmon, Herring kelp, Tempura of shrimp with dried seaweed, Beans miso, Grilled chicken with sake lees miso, Simmered carrot & bamboo shoots & shiitake mushroom, Nameko mushrooms with buckwheat, Ball rice cake
2nd box: Shimeji mushrooms rice with soy sauce pickles of canola flower, Rice with chopped plums

(¥ 1,100) ( Fukumameya _ ekiben)

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