Day trip bathing travel journals to hot springs where we visited by train and bus

Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu

Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu

3-1-2, Tsurumaki-kita, Hadano City, Kanagawa Pref.

Japan's leading calcium content. A hot spring makes your body warm well, that has rich ingredients, only 2 minutes walk from the station

Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu indoor bath
Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu exterior Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu hot water spout Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu open-air bath

Tsurumaki Onsen boasts Japan's leading calcium content. The amount of it is 2,650 mg / kg in "Tsurumaki Sennoyu Source". (By the way, the calcium content of milk is 1,100 mg / kg). The hot water, which is very rich in ingredients, warms the body well.

The indoor and private baths use "Tsurumaki Sennoyu Source", and the open-air bath uses "Hadano City Number 1 Source". So you can enjoy two spring sourceas at once.

It's a public day-bathing hot spring facility that has a private bath with an open-air bath (reservation required), a soba restaurant,a souvenir shop and an art museum.

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As for pH of liquid, "Tsurumaki Sennoyu Source" is alkaline, and "Hadano City Number 1 Source" is neutral.


Rating of access

4.0 pt(from Shinjuku)

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Area / Railway

Kanto Region
Kanagawa Pref.

Odakyu Odawara Line

Train and bus route map of Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu, Kanagawa Prefecture
Train and bus route map of Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu, Kanagawa Prefecture
Tokyo Station timetable Shinjuku Station timetable Shinagawa Station timetable Yokohama Station timetable Odawara Station timetable Tsurumaki Onsen Station timetable Isehara Station timetable Ebina Station timetable Sagamiono Station timetable Tomei Isehara Bus Stop timetable etc. Shimehiki Bus Stop timetable etc. Yakumo Jinja-mae Bus Stop timetable etc.

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Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta. Odakyu: 1 hr 10 min Odawara Line ¥ 600
  • Tsurumaki Onsen Sta.Walk: 2 min 0.1 km (0.1 mi)
  • Kobonosatoyu
Route from Tokyo (Shinjuku)
  • Shinjuku Sta. Odakyu express: 50 min Romancecar ¥ 1,230
  •  (Transfer at Isehara Sta.) Odakyu: 5 min Odawara Line ¥ -
  • Tsurumaki Onsen Sta.Walk: 2 min 0.1 km (0.1 mi)
  • Kobonosatoyu
Route from Tokyo (Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Sta. (Yaesu South exit) Walk: 1 min
  • JR Expressway bus Bus StopExpressway bus: about 1 hr about ¥ 2,300
  • Tomei Isehara Bus StopWalk: 15 min
  • Yakumo Jinjamae Bus Stop Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus: 10 min I-59 ¥ 200
  • Tsurumaki Onsen Sta.Walk: 2 min 0.1 km (0.1 mi)
  • Kobonosatoyu
Routes from Tokyo
  • Shinjuku
  • Odakyu
  • Tsurumaki Onsen
  • Walk
  • hot spring
  • 1 hr 12 min ¥ 600

  • Shinjuku
  • Odakyu Romance-car
  • Isehara
  • Odakyu
  • Tsurumaki Onsen
  • Walk
  • hot spring
  • 57 min ¥ 1,230

  • Tokyo
  • Expressway bus
  • Tomei Isehara
  • Bus
  • Tsurumaki Onsen
  • Walk
  • hot spring
  • about 1 hr 28 min about ¥ 2,500

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  • The above times and distances are approximate. Does not include transfering or waiting times.

How to get to Kobonosatoyu

(Directions from Tsurumaki Onsen Sta.)
  1. From the North exit, cross the road in front of the station and turn left
  2. Walk one block and enter the right
  3. Walk about 40 m (131 ft) to the left
Map of Kobonosatoyu, Tsurumaki Onsen in Kanagawa Prefecture

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Travel journal of day trip bathing to hot spring


He is an orthodox hot springs lover and particular about quality of springs. He loves the hot springs flowing from the source, the hot water with a presence, and the rustic atmosphere.
He doesn't care much about quality of hot springs. He loves the open-air bath, and prefers hot springs that have visible features such as good views.
Oyama Afuri-jinja Shrine (Shimosha)

Oyama Afuri-jinja Shrine Shimosha

A certain holiday in November. Nishi-san and Kita-san have come up with the idea of climbing. The mountain they came to climb is Oyama, a famous mountain in the Tanzawa Mountains. Even if saying "climbing", it is an easy course with using a cable car. The end point of the cable car is Afuri-jinja Shrine Shimosha on the mountainside. Nishi-san and Kita-san have begun to climb toward the summit with a light feeling, but ...

Boy, it's steeper than I thought ... and rocks are so rough that it's hard to walk ...

Oh, here is Fujimidai .... It means, I can see Mt.Fuji ... Wow! Look at!

Mt.Fuji seen from Fujimidai at Oyama

Mt.Fuji seen from Fujimidai at Oyama

Oh, really! It's different from Mt.Fuji seen from Tokyo.

Yeah, the weather is good and so beautiful!

Looking at this Mt.Fuji, the fatigue so far will blow away.

In fact, the fatigue doesn't blow away with just looking at Mt.Fuji. Then the duo lacked of exercise are so exhausted and finally arrive at the summit. They bought grilled rice balls and canned beers at a stand and finally took a break.

The Oyama Cable Car climbs from the bottom of Oyama to Afuri-jinja Shrine Shimosha in about 6 minutes.
However, you may have to wait for an hour or more just to get on when the traffic is crowded. Oyama Cable Car

View from Oyama summit

View from Oyama summit

Wow! What a spectacular view!

Yeah, Exactly! That's Sagami Bay, and the other side is Miura Peninsula ... Oh, it looks like this!

It's a panoramic view of the Kanto Plain, you know.

I got the reason why Oyama is popular.

Enjoy the scenery from the summit of Oyama, then they go down the moutain. As the sun began to fall, the air temperature suddenly dropped. A hot spring is nice in such a case. Nishi-san and Kita-san's next destination is Tsurumaki Onsen Kobonosatoyu.

Kobonosatoyu exterior


Oh, here. We just arrived in 2 minutes from the station. There is a hot spring near such a station.

Well, looks like still new. Not like public, in a good way.

The two go to the bathing room at once.

There is a restaurant at the top of the mountain, but it seems that sometimes it's not open. Even if it's open, many food will be sold out when the late time.

Kobonosatoyu indoor bath (in Satoyu)

Indoor bath (in Satoyu)

Hey, it's bigger than I thought. Many customers in here, but no feeling too crowded.

First, Nishi-san enters the bathtub.

Good it is. This water is transparent, but like a Kuroyu in Tokyo.

Right? Then, ... Oh! It's hot! This water is a little hot, isn't it?

Certainly, feels hot right after entering the tub. But the temperature itself isn't so hot. That's you're chilled by climbing.

Got it ... Oyama suddenly became cold.

Kobonosatoyu hot water spout

Hot water spout of indoor bath (in Satoyu)

Apart from the temperature, this water warms up well. In short, it's perfect for after climbing.

I see. Then, I want the cable car to be extended to here.

Oh, that's good.

Kobonosatoyu open-air bath (in Satoyu)

Open-air bath (in Satoyu)

Next, go to the open-air bath.

Aside from the view, it's more spacious than I thought. The water is not too hot , so good for relaxing.

Gee, but it smells of chlorine ...

That is, what I said at Echigo-yuzawa. I mean, when you come back from the mountain, that smell is better.

Kobonosatoyu has "Yamayu" and "Satoyu". "Yamayu" bath use stones and inspired by a mountain hut in Tanzawa. "Satoyu" bath use woods of hinoki and inspired by a countryside in Hadano. These change daily for men's and women's.

Oh, "the theory chlorine smell is good when backing from mountains", isn't it?

Yes, that's right. It has a Cleanliness, and feels like back in civilized society, you know. It's the smell of safe and relax.

Umm ... That may be true, but ...

It's true. Absolutely, true.

In this way, at Tsurumaki Onsen, Nishi-san and Kita-san unwinded the comfortable fatigue from climbing Oyama. A day in late autumn became the day that the lack of daily exercise was only slightly resolved.

(November 2013)

"At Echigo-yuzawa" is that when Nishi-san and Kita-san visited to "Komakonoyu" in Echigo-yuzawa Onsen.

Impression & rating

Hot water that warms up well. The indoor bath is recommended because the smell of chlorine is a concern in the open-air bath.

1.0 pt

Impression & rating

It cannot be said that the facility has a particularly something feature, but I impressed overall it's spacious and clean.

2.0 pt

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The Onsen facility

3-1-2, Tsurumaki-kita, Hadano City, Kanagawa Pref.
domestic: 0463-69-2641
international: +81-463-69-2641
Web Site
Hadano City website _ Kobonosatoyu
Bathing hours
10:00 - 21:00(Last entry at 20:30) [New Year holidays]
10:00 - 17:00
Regular holiday
Mondays (the next weekday if a holiday), December 31
[Weekdays] and [2 hours on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays]
Adults: ¥ 1,000 / Elementary and junior high school students: ¥ 500 / Preschool children: free
[2 hours on Weekdays]
Adults: ¥ 800 / Elementary and junior high school students: ¥ 400 / Preschool children: free
(Over 2 hours, ¥ 200 per hour addition)
∗ After 19:30, ¥ 200 discount
∗ 65 years old and over, ¥ 200 discount on weekdays only
[Private bath]
¥ 1,000 per hour
Gender-separated indoor bath, Gender-separated open-air bath, Private bath, Foot-bath

The hot spring data
(According to hot spring analysis report etc.)

Tsurumaki Sennoyu source (Indoor bath and Private bath)

(Analysis date: Dec. 20, 2010)

Spring quality
Calcium / Sodium - Chloride spring (Hypertonic Alkaline Hot spring)
38.8 ℃ (101.8 ℉)
pH value
Total ingredients
12.08 g / kg
Colorless and transparent

Number 1 source (Open-air bath)

(Analysis date: Nov. 22, 2010)

Spring quality
Calcium / Sodium - Chloride spring (Hypotonic Neutral Low temperature spring)
25.8 ℃ (78.4 ℉)
pH value
Total ingredients
6.219 g / kg
Colorless, transparent, salty

Today's Detour

Autumn leaves in Oyama
Autumn leaves in Oyama

Autumn leaves in Oyama

Oyama is a famous spot for autumn leaves. In particular, the autumn leaves around Oyama Temple are exceptional. They are usually best seen from mid to late November.

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