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Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu

21-29, Idogayakamimachi, Minami Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref.

Feel free to take a hot spring trip. A great value compact super bathhouse with a sauna and cold "Kuroyu" (Black water) bath

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu bathing room
Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu exterior Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu tile painting Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu cypress bathtub

Kuroyu that looks black because "humic acid" is dissolved in water. Kuroyu is a common hot spring in the Tokyo Bay area. It is mildly alkaline and smooth to the touch.

Kusatsu has a jacuzzi, a sauna, a cold Kuroyu bath, and an open-air-bath-like bathtub. It's like a compact super bathhouse.

5 minutes walk from Keikyu Idogaya Station. You can easily get to there from Tokyo or Yokohama Minatomirai.


Rating of access

4.5 pt(from Shinagawa)

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Area / Railway

Kanto Region
Kanagawa Pref.

Keikyu Line

Train and bus route map of Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu, Kanagawa Prefecture
Train and bus route map of Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu, Kanagawa Prefecture
Shinagawa Station timetable Shibuya Station timetable Yokohama Station timetable Sakuragicho Station timetable Idogaya Station timetable Higashi-totsuka Station timetable Totsuka Station timetable Maita Station timetable Jutaku-mae Bus Stop timetable etc.

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Route from Tokyo (Shinagawa)
  • Shinagawa Sta.Keikyu: 43 min ¥ 370
  • Idogaya Sta.Walk: 5 min 0.4 km (0.2 mi)
  • Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu
Route from Tokyo (Shinagawa)
  • Shinagawa Sta.JR: 20 min Tokaido Line etc. ¥ 300
  • Yokohama Sta. (East exit No.9 Bus Stop)Kanachu Bus: 37 min ¥ 220
  • Jutaku-mae Bus StopWalk: 0 min
  • Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu
Route from Tokyo (Shibuya)
  • Shibuya Sta.Tokyu: 32 min Toyoko Line ¥ 280
  • Yokohama Sta.Walk: 4 min
  • in front of Yokohama Sky Building
    baybike Cycle port Bicycle rental: 30 min 5.6 km (3.5 mi) Max difference in elevation: 7 m (23 ft)
    ¥ 165 / 30 min -
  • Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu
Routes from Tokyo
  • Shinagawa
  • Keikyu
  • Idogaya
  • Walk
  • hot spring
  • 48 min ¥ 370

  • Shinagawa
  • JR
  • Yokohama
  • Bus
  • hot spring
  • 57 min ¥ 520

  • Shibuya
  • Tokyu
  • Yokohama
  • Bicycle rental
  • hot spring
  • 1 hr 06 min ¥ 445+

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  • The above times and distances are approximate. Does not include transfering or waiting times.

How to get to Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu

(Directions from Idogaya Sta.)
  1. Exit the station and turn right
  2. Turn right on the path just before the Idogaya intersection (it is OK even if you go to the Idogaya intersection and turn right)
  3. About 150 m (492 ft) further from the traffic light in front of the Minami Post Office

bus stop: bus stop

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Travel journal of day trip bathing to hot spring


He is an orthodox hot springs lover and particular about quality of springs. He loves the hot springs flowing from the source, the hot water with a presence, and the rustic atmosphere.
He doesn't care much about quality of hot springs. He loves the open-air bath, and prefers hot springs that have visible features such as good views.

"Kuroyu" is a common hot spring in the Tokyo Bay area. In Tokyo, there are many bathhouses where you can enjoy the hot springs of Kuroyu, but the same is true here in Yokohama. "Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu" is one of the bathhouses where you can enjoy Kuroyu at a reasonable price. Nishi-san and Kita-san have come to Yokohama for getting into "Kusatsu" when the cherry blossoms along O-oka River are about to be in full bloom.

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu Exterior


Here, Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu.

I see, not look like a bathhouse. A kind of stylish building.

I heard it was reopened several years ago.

Oh ok.

The two who go inside for the time being.

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu tile painting

Tile painting

See, a tile painting. The Seven Deities of Good Fortune?

Oh, it says Kusatsuyu. It means that ... this painting was already here before the renovation?

After all, they named "Kusatsu" after "Kusatsu Onsen", I guess.

Well, that may be true.

Go up to the 2nd floor, and go to the bathing room.

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu bathing room

Bathing room

Oh! bright! And so roomy!

Exactly. This is over the level of bathhouses.

It's really clean and feels pretty nice, you know.

The round bathtub in the front is the jacuzzi, the central Kuroyu bathtub has a bubble generator, and the large bathtub in the back is the whirlpool with the electric bath.

In short, it's all bubbling ... For the time being, I'll try Kuroyu.

This black water is good 'cause not so hot, you know.

As for water, it feels like a common black water. It has the Kuroyu-ish smooth feeling, too.

... Look! That door!? Maybe there is an open-air bath!?

Kita-san found the door that says "Cypress bathtub" on the top. Beyond the door ...

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu cypress bathtub

Cypress bathtub

What? Not an open-air bath ... It's like an open-air bath, but ...

Exactly. It's kind of outside, but not an open-air bath.

I'm disappointed ... But, well, better than nothing at all.

Kita-san has enjoyed the feeling of an open-air bath-style cypress bath, and Nishi-san has mainly enjoyed the Kuroyu. After bathing, they are relaxing in the break room.

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu break room

Break room

By the way, they may have the courage to name it "Kusatsu". In short, in the Japanese hot spring world, Kusatsu Onsen is the king of eastern Japan.

I see, it's like giving the elementary school soccer team the name Real Madrid. ... No, actually, maybe FC Barcelona ...

It doesn't matter.

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu was once known as "Kusatsuyu". The reopening is November 2004.

Japanese "tennen" means "natural".

Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu black water rocks bathtub

Rocks bathtub of Kuroyu in the open-air-like room of the other bathing room

Anyway, is Kusatsu Onsen so good?

It's fantastic. ... Haven't you ever been to?

Well, yes, I should have been there a long time ago when I was little, but I don't remember at all ...

Oh, is that so. ... Then, will we go to Kusatsu Onsen sometime soon?

The still cool spring breeze was coming in through the open window. It was like a substitute for a fan. Nishi-san and Kita-san planned the next hot spring trip while cooling down after the bath.

(March, 2018)

The bathing room changes daily with men's and women's. The bathing room with the cypress bathtub is men's one on odd days, and with rocks bathtub is the one on even days.

Impression & rating

I guess "is it natural hot spring?". But I'm satisfied enough considering that can enjoy the Kuroyu at such a low cost.

1.5 pt

Impression & rating

It has an open-air-bath-like bathtub, but it's a pity that it's not a real open-air. Though, it's nice that roomy and clean than I expected.

1.5 pt

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The Onsen facility

21-29, Idogayakamimachi, Minami Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref.
domestic: 045-712-2617
international: +81-45-712-2617
Yokohama Tennen-onsen Kusatsu
Bathing hours
[Weekdays] 12:00 - 23:00
[Sat., Sun., Holidays] 10:00 - 23:00
Regular holiday
Mondays (Open for public holidays)
Adults (12 years old and over): ¥ 500 / 6 years old and under 12 years old: ¥ 200 / 6 years old and under: ¥ 100
Additional charge for sauna (¥ 250 on weekdays, ¥ 300 on weekends and holidays)
Gender-separated indoor bath
There are shoes box lockers, and there are lockers in undressing room (free of charge)
No soap, shampoo, etc. (they sell them)

The hot spring data
(According to hot spring analysis report etc.)

(Analysis date: Oct. 16, 2014)

Spring quality
Sodium - Hydrogen carbonate spring (Hypotonic Weak alkaline Cold mineral spring)
10-1, Idogayakamimachi, Minami Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref.
18.9 ℃ (66.0 ℉)
pH value
Total ingredients
1.524 g / kg
Brown, clear, fine mineral oil odor

Today's Ekiben

Kiyoken's Shiumai Bento
The appearance of Kiyoken's Shiumai Bento The whole of Kiyoken's Shiumai Bento

Kiyoken's Shumai Bento

Kiyoken's specialty shumai (Chinese dumpling) was released in 1928, and Shumai Bento was born in 1954. Rather than an ekiben, it is a very familiar bento that Yokohama citizens eat on a daily basis. Because of this Shumai Bento, Yokohama is the only city in Japan where people buy more shumai than gyoza. Anyway, buying a Shumai Bento at Kannai Station and drinking beer while watching the baseball game at Yokohama Stadium is the best!

(¥ 900) ( Kiyoken)

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